Photoproduction industry and trade Co.,LTD  One Stop Service Provider


It is our policy to achieve total customer satisfaction by producing defect free products, on time delivery and service second to none.

We offer our customers manufacturing solutions and make available the expertise and years of experience of our customer service engineering, purchasing, production, test, and quality personnel.

Our team is committed to providing you with performance, repeatability, and on time delivery.

Here, we also offer services as follows:

1.OEM/ODM, offering customized logo printing and sizes and materials for customers to pick and choose for the best solutions. In a word, we offer full service from concept to delivery.

2.Free Drop shipping for all customers internationally. Your customers,privacy and business information are what we concern and always be dealt with highest confidentiality.

3.Any other help or assistance customers deem necessary.

Finally, we offer sourcing service for you!!!